Essse Caffè Milk Frother

The new Essse Caffè montalatte (milk frother) is perfect to create a soft milky note to be added to your drink preparations.

It is not just an instrument that you can use to regale your palate with pleasure;  it is also an  object of design that you can put in plain sight in your kitchen.


Our Essse Caffè milk frother is very easy to use if you want to experiment and taste new drinks, and it’s extremely practical even after use because the base and the jug in professional stainless steel are removable and may be washed in the dishwasher.

Its well-thought-out design, intended to give life to a compact and elegant object, perfectly matches any type of kitchen.

The Essse Caffè milk frother Essse Caffè features four automatic functions which you will enjoy exploring:

  • Create soft clouds

If you love professionally made caffè macchiato or cappuccino, this feature will amaze you.  You can create thick, soft clouds of hot foamy milk and taste the pleasure of the foam on your lips.

  • Heat the milk

This second function permits you to heat your milk in order to enjoy it pure, or to create a perfect latte macchiato. 

  • Enjoy a hot chocolate

When it’s cold and you want a nice hot chocolate, the Essse Caffè milk frother is the ideal solution.  Just add the powdered cocoa to the milk, and relax while the machine does the rest.  In a few seconds you can warm yourself up enjoying your favorite treat. 

  • Experiment  with milkshakes

In the summer, do you need a cold and tasty solution to cool you down?  The Essse Caffè milk frother has the perfect function;  by foaming cold milk, you can create creamy, light drinks and experiment with various types of milkshakes.

The new Essse Caffè milk frother takes care of everything.  At the end of each preparation, the device emits an acoustic signal to alert you and it’s also programmed to shut itself off automatically both upon reaching the proper temperature and at the end of the process.

Discover all the consistencies of milk:  bring the Essse Caffè milk frother home to your kitchen.

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