Ground coffee for espresso machine

Our ground coffee is for you, who always expects the quality of an excellent coffee.

Here at Essse Caffè, we have developed a unique blend, with special attention for the grinding and roasting of this well-bodied blend.  The result is a coffee which is perfect for the early morning and to continue your day, full of energy, after lunch.


Our ground coffee for the espresso machine conserves all its aroma because it is supplied in a container (250 gr) which is metallized, reusable, of anti-cut safety material and totally recyclable.

This is carefully designed packaging for a blend which will accompany you all week long, from breakfast time until the afternoon.


The flavor of the ground coffee for the espresso machine is intense and well-rounded.

Its well-defined aromas will transport your taste buds towards its persistent aftertaste, which increases the pleasure in drinking good coffee. 


The blends of prized Arabica and Robusta make the ground coffee for espresso machine the ideal coffee for anyone who loves well-defined flavors. 

Strong and structured, this ground coffee will ensure that you do not miss the cup you drink at the bar.


The ground coffee for espresso machine is your ally when you need an energy boost after lunch or at the beginning of your day.

If you love well-defined flavors, our ground coffee for espresso machine has the character that is right for you.

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