Ground coffee for use in the moka

Essse’s blend of coffee which is specifically ground for use in the moka is intended for the ritual of the classic coffee found in Italian homes and exalts the fragrance and habits of yesterday.

We desired to make the moment of preparation of homemade Italian coffee, typical of our Country, special:  the coffee prepared in the moka.  For many, it’s irreplaceable, but it’s like a caress for those who don’t always have the time to enjoy it.

The gestures of preparation and the distinct fragrance of the moka have a special value linked with our tradition.  For this reason, we have created a tailor-made product which will bring out all the Italian spirit of our blends in the morning ritual of everyone who makes coffee the traditional way. 


The ground coffee for moka is available in an elegant metal container (250 gr) which may be re-used when empty, or completely recycled. 

Please note that the container is designed for safety, and will not cause cuts or other injury during use  (even in the morning when you need a coffee to completely wake up).


The traditional flavor of the moka is exalted by a coarse grain which yields balanced aroma and a delicate body.

Thanks to this sensual voyage, our coffee ground for moka makes homemade coffee a special  pleasure.


To exalt the intensity of the history of Italian coffee, our Essse coffee experts have carefully selected the quality of prized Arabica and Robusta blends, creating an intense and unmistakable coffee.

The sense of smell is struck, even during the preparation of the moka, by the pleasant fragrances which immediately bring to mind memories;  sensations follow, while the coffee starts to fill the moka and, of course, when you sip it.


The enveloping flavor of the moka blend is a burst of energy to start your days with a positive spirit, but it’s also enjoyable mid-morning, or after lunch. 

A coffee which accompanies you all day long, with its unmistakable aroma, which is so familiar.

Ground coffee for use in the moka is an unforgettable coffee, which always makes you think of home.

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