Intenso paper pods

Intenso does exactly what its name promises:  aromatic and well-rounded, in the cup it envelops and conquers you.

Not only does this blend have high quality standards;  it was specifically developed for this type of format and brewing process.

You can enjoy a cup of Intenso in the morning, for a burst of  energy and flavor, or after lunch, to face the afternoon with confidence.


The pod format is extremely convenient and easy to carry;  it’s ideal both at home and at work.  The experience and know-how of Essse Caffè offers you the possibility of enjoying a good espresso at any time. 

The pods of Intenso are especially designed for you, because you never want to forgo coffee flavor, both when relaxing at home and during your brief coffee breaks at work.


The harmony of Intenso comes into being when its well-rounded body, rich and persistent, encounters the flavor of chocolate and the incredible spicy nuances.

Its full aroma, which is fragrant and consistent, and its persistent aftertaste make it a coffee with a complete flavor, intriguing and waiting to be discovered at each sip.


We carefully found the perfect blend of coffees to make the experience of a cup of Intenso full and rich.

Intenso in the pod format is the result of prized Arabica and  Robusta coffees, carefully researched and skillfully blended to create the ideal blend for this format and for this type of brewing. 


The Intenso blend in pod format is an ideal espresso to get the day off to a good start, but it’s also perfect at the end of lunch.  

Enjoy a cup of Intenso during your coffee breaks to enrich them with its satisfying flavor. 

When you are looking for the convenience of a pod but don’t want to miss the tasty experience of espresso, choose Intenso.

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