Rapsodia – Limited Edition

 A limited edition of Essse Caffè – don’t let it get away!

Rapsodia is truly a voyage in aromas and flavors, an espresso which can reawaken your senses, thanks to its intense spicy notes.

Rapsodia is Essse Caffè’s gamble;  it’s a blend which was developed to give the best of itself with our exclusive Sistema Espresso.


The Rapsodia capsules are unique because of their spicy hints, which in the cup of espresso give life to a refined coffee that generates a new taste experience.

The organoleptic characteristics are well-defined and easily noted even by those who are not habitual espresso drinkers.


The notes of black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon envelope the palate with a delicate aftertaste of licorice root.

Rapsodia contains all the marvelous fragrances of spices and the most sophisticated flavors, which are concentrated in each sip of espresso, releasing syrupy and slightly acid sensations on the palate.


To create Rapsodia we sought out the best Arabica and Robusta blends.  This discovery made by our Essse coffee experts awakens the palate without ever losing balance and harmony.

It’s perfect to be offered as a gourmet” alternative to the classic espresso and  to amaze your guests who are fans of refined and complex flavors.


Rapsodia is the right blend to amaze your friends and relatives at the end of a dinner.  It’s our most exclusive espresso, designed to make the tasting experience unforgettable.

It’s brilliant when enjoyed after a meal, when you can relax and take time to enjoy what your senses communicate.

If you, like us, are always searching for new experiences, try Rapsodia.

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