Sistema Espresso Tasting Kit

You can’t decide which hot drink to choose or you love taste-testing diverse espresso blends and roasts?  We here at Essse Caffò have the solution for you.

Our kit degustazione- Tasting Kit – for Sistema Espresso is perfect for trying all of our best products.


Our Sistema Espresso is a world created with the diverse blends of espresso, infusions, tea and hot drinks.

For this reason we invented the Kit Degustazione Sistema Espresso:  why be satisfied with just one product when you can try many?

If you love to try different tasting experiences or you are still searching for your favorite drink, this kit is perfect for you.

Begin your voyage among Essse Caffè aromas-  buy the kit together with the S.12 machine!

Discover the 36 capsules, all to be enjoyed with your S.12 Sistema Espresso:

Maestoso – Creamy and velvety

Infinito – Intense and persistent

Barocco – Strong and full-bodied

Arabesco – 100% Arabica 

Ideale – Full flavor, half the caffeine


Honduras San Andrès

Orzo – Barley coffee


Lemon tea 



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