Warm, intense, delicate: discover all the notes in the music of  Essse Caffè Italian espresso. 
Our Bar Line, with bean blends for coffee professionals, to provide your customers with true excellence. The ground blends of the Home Line, perfect for espresso or moka machines for high-class coffee at home. The Vending Line pods, for vending machines, so that you can enjoy a bar-standard espresso anywhere. 

Other products

Essse is a lot more than just coffee.

It embraces a full range of products and preparations for bar professionals: smooth lemon and coffee cold creams, refreshing granita, tasty hot chocolate, barley and ginseng coffee, tea and infusions, the innovative S Tea Stick , and everything else required satisfy all your customers requirements on any occasion. And, finally, chocolate treats, to win their hearts with a touch of sweetness.


Cups, saucers, and glasses, together with sugar bowls, napkin-holders, aprons, wall clocks, signs and posters: all you need to turn your location into a 100% Essse Caffè bar.

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