S.20 Latte Sistema Espresso Machine

Featuring a design conceived by Italdesign Giugiaro and an evolved technology, the new S.20 is the ideal machine for your home, office or business.

This professional machine for home use is fitted with advanced functions that deliver a simple and effective user experience, so that you can enjoy excellent quality coffee and beverages at all times.


The S.20 is the most advanced machine of Sistema Espresso by Essse Caffè, featuring unique characteristics and technologies that make it a leader in the sector.

  • 8″ Graphic display with capacitative touch screen

Enables navigation menu management in smartphone style, customisable according to preferences.

  • Essse Caffè patented dispensing spout

Designed to exalt the creaminess and aromatic harmony of coffee and all the beverages of the Sistema Espresso range.

  • Volumetric dispensing system

S.20 Latte doses according to volume, enabling the preparation of an excellent espresso, compared to traditional and inaccurate time-based delivery.

  • Hot pipe

The S.20 Latte is fitted with a hot pipe for the preparation of coffee beverages as well as tea, herbal tea and other hot beverages.

  • High-resistance lever opening

Made with top quality materials for greater resistance and reliability.

  • Adjustable cup holder

For all requirements in terms of product volume.

  • Counters function

Memorisation of all delivered products, to monitor consumption.

  • Testing and diagnostics section

To ensure the perfect operation of your S.20 machine at all times

  • Automatic and guided descaling

S.20 guides the user step by step along the simple descaling process, which is programmed and indicated by a special alert.

  • 5 l milk box

Removable and easy to clean.

  • 8 different types of customisable beverages.
  • Adjustment of milk foam type.
  • Capacious 1.4 l water box.
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