Right from the creation of the Essse Caffè brand we planned to do more than just produce high-quality coffee blends. We also wanted to oversee that minor, but truly industrial transformation that takes place when a bar tender transforms coffee beans into the extract we call Italian Espresso. This commitment led to the foundation of "La Classe di Essse" Training Centre in 2005, a purpose-built facility with classrooms fitted with modern equipment and a spacious and fully-functional bar, for all bar tenders who wish to learn the trade or perfect their skills.

Our courses are divided into modules and subdivided into four main areas of specialisation: The World of Coffee, the Art of Coffee-Making, Certified Italian Espresso, the Barista Entrepreneur


The training courses offer specific programmes for each specialisation area. At the end of each course, participants receive a qualificaiton certificate. Participants who complete all 7 modules of "The Art of Coffee-Making" area are awarded the Coffee-Making Expert certificate. Those who complete the 2 courses of the "Certified Italian Espresso" area are awarded the Italian Espresso Specialist certificate. Finally, completion of all the courses in all specialisation areas is rewarded with the Professional Bar Tender certificate.


Vito Campanelli
Vito was trained at the Hotel Management Insitute and at the best hotels and restaurants on the Adriatic Riviera in Italy. He managed a number of hotels, the last being the "Oste del Castello" in Verucchio. Coffe is one of his great passions and he helped establish "La Classe di Essse" Training Centre, wher he is now a teacher and Essse Caffè Personal Bar Trainer.

Maurizio Barbi 
Maurizio teaches in the Coffee and Production areas, and is a renowned coffee taster. He joined Essse Caffè in 1985, and today is Production and Quality Assurance Manager.

Barbara Chiassai
Barbara is a teacher in the Coffee area, and also teaches at the prestigious International Institute of Coffee Tasters. She joined Essse Caffè in 1994 and gained significant experience in the Quality Assurance Department, where she deals with international certification standards.

Antonio Stoppa 
Graduated from a hotel management school, responsible for catering in the best hotels and restaurants of the Riviera Romagnola. Today he works with some leading government training sectors and introduces students and adults into the world of work. 

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