From the very beginning, in 1979, Essse Caffè has chosen not only to produce high-quality coffee blends, but also to pay close attention to the way these blends are used, in what is truly a transformation which the barista performs daily when preparing the real Italian Espresso. 

For about 20 years, Essse Caffè training was principally for coffee shops and was mobile, being set up in various places in Italy where there were sufficient operators.  Then in 2005, the “La Classe di Essse” Training Center was created at Cadriano, with a specially designed building, classrooms equipped with modern equipment and an ample and functional serving counter, destined for the operators who desired to learn the  profession or perfect their skills. 


Finally, La Classe di Essse has a permanent establishment, where many courses are organized, and not just for coffee shops. There are five areas of specialization:  Introduction and the Art of Coffee-making Area, Certified Italian Espresso Area, Barista Entrepreneur Area, Personal Bar Trainer Area, and Novelty Area. We have chosen not only to transfer practical skills, but also to teach management skills, which are ever more important today.

For example, Personal Bar Trainer sessions are organized ever more frequently;  these are programs of specific interventions to solve problems and achieve very ambitious objectives. In addition, we also organize full immersion sessions for the startups with numerous staff members and personalized formulas for the specific necessities of the business.

All this takes place both in Italy and abroad, where the training activity is particularly requested and appreciated.

The objective of all our courses is an investment for the growth of your business, an instrument for the well-rounded development of your activity.


Barbara Chiassai

An instructor in our Coffee Area, Barbara also teaches in the prestigious Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori di Caffè (International Coffee Taster Institute). After her entry into Essse Caffè in 1994, she gained solid experience in the Quality Department, where she was involved in the international certification standards. Among other prestigious positions outside Essse Caffè, Barbara is the AD of the IEI (Italian Espresso Institute).

Thomas Pranzini

In Essse Caffè since January 2022, after a decade of experience in the world of coffee, he has gained a proven mastery of roasting and grinding processes as well as tasting and blend development techniques. Today, he holds the position of the company’s Coffee Master.


Trained at the Istituto Alberghiero (Hoteliers’ Institute) and in the best hotels and restaurants of the Riviera Romagnola, he has managed various accommodation facilities. He is passionate about coffee, among other things, and has contributed to the birth of “La Classe di Essse”; today he is Coffee Master&Ambassador of Essse Caffè both for Italy and abroad.


Trained at the Istituto Alberghiero (Hoteliers’ Institute), Antonio has had extensive experience in the Food&Beverage sector both in Italy and abroad. He is very passionate about coffee and today has the crucial role of Barista Trainer for La Classe di Essse.

Antonio Stoppa

Trained at the Istituto Alberghiero (Hoteliers’ Institute), Antonio is manager of catering in the best hotels and restaurants of the Riviera Romagnola; up until today he has collaborated with government agencies to promote the training and introduction of students and adults into the working environment.

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