Gran crema

We want to do our part in the best way we know how, through coffee: we have created a new blend that we have called GRANCREMA, an innovative blend of fine coffees mainly from India and Tanzania expertly blended and roasted by our experts. A strong, full-bodied and creamy coffee that releases aromas of toast, dried fruit and spices.

For every 100 kg of GRAN CREMA that we roast, Essse Caffè is committed to planting a tree both in areas affected by the storm Vaia as Enego, on the Asiago Plateau, and abroad, in Burkina Faso, a developing country where fruit trees such as black, moringa and baobab play an essential role for the emancipation and economic independence of women, as well as for the development of local communities because it provides food and income to many families.

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