Caffè Monorigine Colombia Supremo Capsules

The capsules of Colombia Supremo single origin coffee truly will give you a voyage into the heart of South America, with its mild flavor and notes of cocoa.

When you choose Colombia Supremo you will enjoy a cup of true pleasure as well as giving your  contribution to protecting the environment and to respecting people


Colombia Supremo is part of our new line of Essse Caffè Latitudine – Itinerari Sensoriali (Latitudes– Sensorial Itineraries) single origin coffees, which take you on a trip to discover the most profound essence of the coffee which comes from these lands.

As does the entire line, the capsules of Colombia Supremo are certified RainForest Alliance and FSC, to guarantee a coffee which is not only rich in flavor, but also ethical and sustainable.


Colombia Supremo amazes you with its structured and very aromatic flavor, in a perfect balance between medium-high acidity and a velvety body.

You will love the mildness of the Colombia Supremo capsules, perfect partner with the sweet notes of cocoa, flowery and lightly fruity.


The Arabica coffee of Colombia Supremo has a bean of medium-large dimensions and is processed with the washed method.

Once the beans have arrived at Essse Caffè, our team of experts chooses a medium dark roast, to respect the raw material and avoid altering the aroma of the coffee itself.

Colombia Supremo is ideal for the capsule formato, because it permits the total experience of the structured and full-bodied Arabica.


Colombia Supremo has a definite and unmistakable flavor, a caress to break the routine and give yourself a different kind of coffee break;  that’s why we recommend drinking it pure, at mid-morning or mid-afternoon.  In fact, being 100% Arabica, it has a lower caffeine level than the classic espresso, which permits you to consume it until late afternoon. 

Choose Colombia Supremo capsules to fully enjoy the intriguing flavors of South America.

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