Our 3-S Formula

Our continuous partnership with the Faculties of Agriculture at the Bologna, Cesena and Foggia Universities has enabled us to apply the most recent scientific expertise to the production process of our coffee, thus guaranteeing that our espresso is as flavorful as possible.
Thanks to the great knowledge of the most expert professionals in our sector, who have accompanied us on our voyage for more than 40 years, with deep competence, dedication, perseverance, and professionalism, we have become specialists in the production of Italian espresso.
Beginning in 1979, we have worked along with thousands of professionals from the sector of coffee production; thanks to this we have become a point of reference. Our intense and continuous activity, ever more specialized, permits us to offer you, in your own home, a cup of espresso which is of the same high quality as the Essse espresso found in professional settings such as restaurants and bars, thanks to our exclusive Sistema Espresso.


Essse has always been know as the coffee of professionals, not just for the excellence of our products, but also because of the continuous training and our customer service, both of which contribute to Essse’s success.


Sistema Espresso was born from our desire to bring a professional grade of espresso into your home, using coffee blends which have been carefully studied and calibrated with the purpose of obtaining an excellent sensorial experience. A unique espresso machine for capsules came to life; its design is by Giugiaro Design and its technical characteristics permit the production of the best possible cup of espresso, meeting our high Essse Caffè standards.

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