After more than 20 years of experience which brought us into a position of leadership in the HORECA sector in Italia, beginning in  2000, Essse Caffè decides to go beyond national boundaries to conquer new markets.

Today we are present in more than 60 countries with leadership positions in some of these.  Thanks to our efforts, every year we are able to build new partnerships, thus widening our network of distributors;  at the same time we work alongside our partners in order to grow in an organic manner with a long-term strategy.

Facing foreign markets is an ambitious and exciting challenge for us and it constantly stimulates us to improve in order to respond to our customers’ demands.  Each year, we bring to the market new services and products which make our product unique and competitive all over the world.

We have a select network of reliable distributors who share our company’s code of ethics, vision and mission.

The quality, the tenacity and the persistence of our espresso are the calling card with which we introduce ourselves and our reliability is the guarantee of a steady presence in the course of time.

But that’s not all.  Our contribution to the development of the culture of Italian Espresso is our greatest satisfaction.Our training program, which is supported locally, is the key to the success of our distributors.

The managers and the team of our export office are prepared to supply the necessary support to assist our partners in growth and development in the various foreign markets;  in addition, the speed with which they supply rapid responses and resolve any problems is one of our strong points.

Every year, Essse Caffè participates in the most important world fairs of our sector:  in the first place this permits us to increase our visibility and it also gives our partners the opportunity to meet each other, learn what the others are doing, and support each other.

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