Essse Caffè has always been synonymous with a constant propensity towards excellence.

Thanks to our in-depth specialization, our collaboration with the Universities and the knowledge of experts in our sector, Essse Caffè has solidified its position in the market as the coffee of  professionals.

This ongoing quest for the best quality has permitted our company to obtain many important certifications. 

From the first years after the birth of the company, we have  implemented a qualified and efficient quality control department.

Our certifications


The excellence of the company was formally recognized in 1996 with the certification of the Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9002 norm and, since 2002, with the certification in compliance with the ISO 9001 norm.

An very important detail to be pointed out is that from its first issuance the certificate ensures not only the quality of the production of coffee, but also that of all other pertinent activities, confirming that Essse Caffè dedicates as much attention to its customers as to the product itself.


Since 1998, Essse Caffè has been a member of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (National Italian Espresso Institute), which has awarded the certification, according to technical specifications number 008, to our blends for professional use.


In 2010, our decision to fully protect the safety of all Essse Caffè employees led to the certification of the Management System for Workers’ Health and Safety according to ISO 45001 regulations.

Financial Statements

Starting in 2004, we subjected our financial statement to certification, according to art. 2409-ter of the Italian Civil Code, by a leading audit company; this is a commitment to transparency that we make for the sake of our shareholders.


Our objective is sustainable production: we use cutting-edge technologies, products and packaging with low environmental impact, and we endeavor to reduce emissions. In this way, for more than 20 years we have obtained the certification of an

Environmental Management System: ISO 14001.


Over the years, we have obtained other important certifications as a result of our attention to the demands of the international markets in which we operate.

In fact, we have endeavored to comply with the regulations of the Halal certification, thereby permitting persons of the Muslim faith to make use of our products.

Essse Caffè also possesses the Kosher certification for export in Jewish markets.

Both of these certifications ensure that the processes of production and packaging conform to the ethical norms of the Islamic and Jewish religions.



This is a certificate of conformity of our products for Eurasia. The Essse Caffè products have satisfied all the monitoring procedures in one of the countries which are members of the customs union (URASEC, which includes Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) and comply with the prescribed technical requirements.


Rainforest Alliance ensures that the green coffee beans are cultivated within a production chain which is sustainable and controlled, with particular attention to conservation of biodiversity and to respect for the rights of the workers who inhabit the territories of origin.

This commitment has given birth to the new espresso line called Latitudini – Itinerari Sensoriali (Latitudes– Sensorial Itineraries), the new single origin products in capsule form for use in the Essse Caffè Sistema Espresso.


The natural continuance of our path of steady improvement which over time has permitted us to reach important results, carried on in 2022 with the adoption of an Organizational Model which conforms to legislative decree 231/01.

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