Enjoy a sweet and regenerating Ginseng any time you like with the capsules for our S.12 Sistema Espresso machine by Essse Caffè.  

Lively and mild, our Ginseng in capsule form recharges your batteries when you need a treat which is delectable and full of energy.


Essse Caffè’s Ginseng knows how to satisfy your desire for something sweet: in the cup it’s velvety and full-bodied, ready to wrap your palate with caramel and vanilla notes.

Ginseng in capsules is without gluten, perfect for anyone who is intolerant and health-conscious.


When you want a flavorful, satisfying and energetic drink to face your day, Essse Caffè’s Ginseng in capsules is the ideal choice. 

Try it alone, or enjoy pairing it with sweet spices or delicious toppings.

Here’s a secret: in the summer, it’s excellent shaken! 

Choose Ginseng in capsules for a cup of energetic sweetness.

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