Maestoso is the coffee in capsule form which satisfies you from your first sip, with its full and deep flavor.

Its creaminess, its velvety texture and the flavors of chocolate, vanilla and spices make Maestoso a regal blend that may be savored from the morning until early afternoon.

The harmony of the Maestoso blend wins you over by its mellowness;  it’s a well-rounded coffee which is impossible to refuse.

The meeting between the technology of our S12 and the research of the Maestoso blend make each cup as full-bodied as that extracted by a professional.

The Sistema Espresso capsules, quick and easy to use, guarantee the pleasure of a professionally prepared espresso at home or in the office.


Maestoso is a coffee with a structured body and a rich and enveloping aroma, which gives a lengthy flavor persistence. Sweet and bitter melt together, as in the best couples, in a perfect balance between the pleasure of chocolate, the vivacity of spices and the richness of vanilla.

Maestoso has the capacity to give all the pleasure of a well-rounded, creamy, velvety, refined coffee.


Arabica and Robusta are expertly blended by the Essse team, which gives a rich identity to Maestoso. Its Arabica origins give it aroma, delicacy, hints of fruit and the right degree of acidity, while the Robusta origins guarantee full body, creaminess and a marked note of chocolate.


The velvety Maestoso is ready to be enjoyed at any time:  for a morning caress, a load of  energy at mid-day or for a pleasant closing moment of your evening. If you are searching for a rich and chocolatey coffee, choose our Maestoso capsules.

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