Our Sales Force: Essse Caffè is the first company in Italy to be certified for its customer service, which is made up of professionals who boast of a thorough knowledge of the sector, distributed in a widely disseminated way in all the zones in which we operate, and supplied with the company vehicle fleet.  In this way we can guarantee a sales and delivery service which is direct and punctual, along with an invaluable support to ensure that the parameters of the extraction of the espresso in the cup are top-notch. 

The primary objective of our agents is to transfer to the customer the knowledge and the instruments to ensure that the high quality of our coffee beans is conserved and transmitted to the espresso in the cup.  All our Essse agents are trained, instructed and supplied with the technical instruments necessary to assist the barista in every phase of the delicate process of transformation of the coffee beans, in the best possible way.

At the same time, a qualified network of area managers handle the commercial relationship with the customers, by making a true entrepreneurial consultancy available, working alongside the customer as partner in the path of development and success of his activity.

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