The scientific approach used in finding the best qualities of green coffee, from the defining of the standard of roasting to the extraction of the espresso in the cup, are values which sum up our company philosophy based on experience and oriented towards innovation. This is why, starting in 1979, we have sought the support of the scientific skills of the Faculties of Agriculture of the  Universities of Bologna, Cesena and Foggia, with whom we continue to collaborate.  This project, which has lasted more than 40 years, is one of the reasons that we have gained a position of primary authority in the world of coffee, with knowledge that goes from the green coffee bean to the espresso in the cup, from the roasting to the packaging, from the professional equipment to the espresso coffee extraction.

Therefore, to celebrate 40 years of our history, we have decided to publish the book “Scienza del caffè Espresso”, (The Science of Espresso Coffee), in collaboration with Carla Severini, associate professor at the University of Foggia, and Santina Romani, associate professor at the University of Bologna.  This book recounts years of scientific research into coffee, carried out under the convention concluded with the University of Bologna.  It’s the story of a unique scientific and entrepreneurial path which has now led to the occasion to celebrate a history of excellence which also looks to the future.

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